Thursday, February 24, 2011

What is social entrepreneurship?

In response to the readings:

The term “social entrepreneurship” is one that obviously needs a clear definition.  It is one that differs from other “social ventures”, specifically social service provision and social activism as described by Martin and Osberg. The texts, particularly Light’s article, spoke highly of social entrepreneurs as unique people who deserve the proper recognition for what they do by understanding the definition of their role. 

From the information of the readings I can sum up the definition of a social entrepreneur as an individual, a group, or an organization whose main undertaking and drive is for a new social solution.  Whether for-profit or not-for-profit, the main goal is not financial success.  Through innovation and direct action, the social entrepreneur commits to the solution and, whether successful or not, is alert and motivated by opportunities even those resulting from failure.

I am inspired by the social entrepreneur because of the extreme selflessness of their work and their willingness to take great risks to succeed.  It is a complete dedication to others that is something to be inspiring to all people.  The commitment and motivation needed to become a successful social entrepreneur is of the utmost, so much so that no monetary value can be given.