Friday, May 6, 2011

Slater Mill : Pawtucket, RI

The Carding Machine

This machine was used at Slater Mill after the Bale Breaker broke up the large bales of cotton send from the south.  It began as a hand held process with two paddles of little metal teeth that would comb the cotton to align the fibers.  When the process advanced into this machine of rollers the speed of production increased 76 times.  The processing of cotton was done mostly by the women and children at slater mill.

This process could possibly be involved in my project as a way of breaking up the material before adding the clay.  It may or may not be beneficial to the results though.

I also bought a bag of cotton seed at Slater Mill and planted some.  Updates to come...

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our Mid-Review happened on Thursday, April 21
with guest critics Charlie Cannon, Enrique Martinez, and Colgate Searle.

Some slides from my presentation...

How will this be used?
Narrow down categories.
What scale will this be at?
How will the heat be generated?
Does it need firing?
What is being designed?
How are ceramics already used at a large scale?